Personal Statement Writing Help

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Many universities don’t conduct an interview at selection of candidates, the selection committee obtains all necessary information from Personal Statement (the motivational letter to the university) is something like the autobiography in a free form, necessary in order that the selection committee had the most complete idea of the applicant. Checking your compositions the staff of higher education institution has to answer two questions:

Whether this student on the course is necessary?

Why this student at the university is necessary?

On the beginning of writing the motivational letter for entering to university make a plan of your composition.  

Tell the specific aspects of the course that you are interested in, list your work (term papers, theses, etc.), the literature you read on this subject, work experience in the specialty, participation in scientific conferences and olympiads, your personal life experience that influenced your career choice.

Speak about your hobbies in free time; sport in which you are engaged also your achievements, possession of musical instruments; additional objects which you studied; various courses which you attended; languages which you know. So, you should show that you all-rounder.

The committee looks for students keen on the chosen subject, your task to prove it.

If you write personal statement for receipt to a magistracy or a postgraduate study place the main emphasis on scientific achievements and interests. List your works and inventions. It will big plus if your works have been published in some magazine or the collection, or you, for example, have written the book in collaboration with the teacher or independently.

Most of entrants write the personal statement in an essay format. The main — don’t write all with the continuous block of the text, break your composition into paragraphs, each of which contains finished thought. A half of the composition is occupied by your story about that why you have chosen this course, than express your choice according to university. The second half is about the description of your abilities.

Break all your records into several categories and write the paragraph to everyone, for example:

1: introduction, I am interested in … and why

2: what I have made, have studied, belonging to the chosen subject, but haven’t specified in the questionnaire

3 and 4: experience and achievements in the school/university

5: other interests which aren’t relating to study

6: the purposes on the future, a final phrase