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How to write an application essay: tips for students

Do you have excellent marks and best score on language tests? However, you still cannot go to world-famous colleges. Do not be in despair! Just write a perfect application essay, which should reveal your targets and mission, your talents and potential. As a rule, you have to send one or two application essays. Here is a chance to find out how to create an application essay. Read the article below.

Answer traditional questions for an application essay

To create a decent application essay, you should answer various traditional questions. Examples of widespread questions for your application essay are represented below.

  • What kind of skills would you like to improve?
  • What course, person, project or book influences you?
  • What are your plans?
  • What course do you prefer for your future career?
  • What aspects of life would you like to describe?
  • Give description of a difficult situation, which you went through.
  • How did you use leadership qualities?

Of course, this list is not full. Everything depends on this or that requirements of a college. Are you going to deliver papers to 20 colleges? If “Yes”, do not write 20 different essays. Just change parts of your application essay in accordance with the asked question. Do not tend to one topic, write in a way to change a few details and compose an application essay for another college.

How to write an application essay: your way to do

First step. Collecting topics for your essay.

Collect all the topics for the essay. Recall situations from your life that can illustrate these topics. Make notes. Use the following questions:

  • Your skills or talent.
  • What was your best day?
  • Are there any recent changes in your life?
  • Recall the most memorable moment with you.
  • What are your achievements?
  • What are your significant features?
  • Did you demonstrate leadership qualities somewhere?

Ask your parents, teachers and friends to answer the same questions, as they can recall additional details.

Second step. Create a perfect list of topics.

In general, all applicants write the same thing. You should stand out. Create an original and unique work. Demonstrate a special approach to the topic. Your idea should be supported by good examples or stories. Note superficial ideas. Show that you are able to think about great many things.

Third step. Show your personality (the biggest one)

Do not think about preferences of a reception team. Select those topics that you can describe and that are important to you. Share your ideas and experiences.

Your introduction should be catching. Start the essay in a special way to make people read it to the end. Note, your introduction should not be tedious; you have a limited volume of the essay.

Your application work is a unique opportunity to communicate with the admissions office. Your application essay should show what you think, your attitude to life, targets and your personality.

Write something that will be remembered. Put questions before the reader, share feelings, so that commission staff can understand them. Ask yourself, if it would be interesting for you to read your own essay.

Use bright expressions. Check your essay several times to check, if you use interesting words, grammatical structures. Avoid humor.

Show your progress. People want to see how you grew up, how your life changed. They also assess, whether you are able to study at a university. Be sure to write about changes in your personality and difficulties that you overcame.

Put clear cases. Describe situations; show examples, where you demonstrated leadership qualities.

Finish your essay so that an admissions officer will remember you. Make people think over your ideas.

Fourth step. Check.

Check the essay many times; ask for help from friends, relatives. Opt for help from two or three editors.

Fifth step. Look for perfection.

Make sure that there are no mistakes and typos in the essay. Read your essay from the end. Check any words using dictionary. Note: if it is recommended to write 600 words, do not write more than 10 – 20 words in excess of the established limit.

Now you know all secrets a successful application essay. Start your work using our tips of how to write an application essay!

MBA Essay Writing Service

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It consists of the following parts:

The presentation – interests the user and model stages.

The body – tells story which has seriously affected your life.

Conclusion – shows why you have a place with concrete business college and how it will help you in the future.

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